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Summer Haven Lake Association Conditions, Restrictions, Safety Rules and Regulations


All Summer Haven Lake Association members and/or residents of Summer Haven Lake are responsible for ensuring that they and their guests understand and abide by the following rules and regulations and the Shareholder Agreement entered into between the Association and Shareholders. Disregard for and abuse of regulations are grounds for suspension of Summer Haven Lake Association (SHLA) privileges.


Summer Haven Lake Association or individuals acting under the authority of the Association are not liable for any damages and/or injuries sustained while guests are using SHLA facilities.


When a resident observes a violation, the SHLA asks that the violation be reported to the SHLA Board in writing. This written complaint will be confidential and on file in the event that further action is necessary. The complaint should state:


  • The nature of the violation

  • The date and time of the violation

  • The lot number and name of the violator, if known

  • Signed by the resident


Serious safety violations of Dodge County or Nebraska State law should be called immediately to the Dodge County Sherriff’s Dept. (727-2700) or 911. Any personal injury or property damage involving a boat must be reported to the SHLA Board immediately.



A. Member Personal Responsibility

  1. Unlawful activities will not be allowed.

  2. Loud noises, excessive use of alcohol or other nuisances and annoyances that would disturb other lake residents will it be allowed.

  3. Residents and guests will not trespass in the improvements of another or interfere with reasonable activity of others.The privacy of others will be respected by residents and guests at all times.

  4. Hunting and discharge of firearms is prohibited.

  5. No business facilities or advertising will be allowed.

  6. The gates are to be locked at all times.  The gates will be opened on major summer holidays of Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day from 7 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. otherwise gates will be left closed and only opened by the discretion of the board on weekends or by special shareholder request.

  7. No tents or tent-style campers will be allowed on islands or designated common areas except on an overnight basis.

  8. Visitors are encouraged and welcome. However, the SHLA resident is completely responsible for the actions of their family and guests, and must inform them of the rules of Summer Haven Lake.

  9. All residents, families and guest are responsible for all activity including recreational activities and in no manner are any rules to be interpreted as permitting unsafe activities.

  10. All residents shall carry at all times, and provide annually to the SHLA Board a certificate of such coverage, liability insurance coverage in the minimum amount of $2,000,000.


B. Sanitation and Environment

  1. All garbage and trash shall be placed in suitable closed containers.  Some type of trash container enclosure is encouraged. Trash and garbage shall not be allowed to accumulate and resident is responsible for its proper disposal.

  2. All sanitary facilities must comply with applicable county and state health regulations. Outdoor privies and burning of garbage are not permitted.

  3. Lawns, shrubs and garden are to be kept in clean and orderly condition and improvements in good repair.

  4. No dredging, grading, digging, moving or dumping on Summer Haven property will be permitted without express permission of the SHLA Board.

  5. Residents have water rights in front of their recreational space; however, any change in shoreline, dredging or filling in the lake will not be permitted without express permission of SHLA Board.

  6. No horses or any type of livestock can be stabled or kept on any part of Summer Haven property.

  7. Fuel storage tanks of any type must be registered with the State Fire Marshal, and proof of registration shall be provided to the SHLA Board.


C. Physical Improvements and Construction

  1. All exterior construction and remodeling, including the installation of wells, septic systems and holding tanks shall be subject to the approval of the SHLA Board prior to application to city and county offices for necessary permits.The SHLA Board will consider potential encroachment and interference with other residents’ property, and the suitability and appearance of the requested construction.In approving construction and remodeling the SHLA Board will maintain and develop the integrity of individual lots to facilitate potential subdivision of the lake property, to the extent possible.

  2. No building can be erected for temporary residential or storage purposes.

  3. Storage buildings can be erected for personal property only and must be of size and style compatible with cabin or residence.

  4. Only single-family residences or cabins are permitted.

  5. Fences can be constructed only with written permission of the SHLA Board.

  6. Boathouse, docks or the placement of any other structure in the water must have written permission of the SHLA Board. The SHLA Board will take into consideration for each placement request the adjacent cabin owners' line of sight, limiting docks to one per cabin, limiting powerboat lifts to two (2) with the 2nd powerboat lift sized less than the powerboat (20 hp or more) lift. The location of the 2nd powerboat lift to be situated no further in the lake than powerboat (20 hp or more) lift.

  7. The plans for a new or the replacement of existing wells and septic systems or the installation of wells and septic holding tanks must meet all of the requirements of Title 124 – Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality prior to the plans being submitted to the Board of Directors of SHLA for approval and prior to the application being submitted to the city or county for the issuance of all necessary permits.


D. Motor Vehicles

  1. Unused or inoperable motor vehicles, boats, and trailers may not be kept or stored on Summer Haven Lake property.

  2. All motor vehicles must use only established roads and obey all posted speed limits.This includes licensed and unlicensed ATV’s, trail bikes, etc.Designated trails may be marked for off-road vehicle use and use would be strictly limited to such trails. Each recreation vehicle shall have the cabin number in place on the recreation vehicle, so as to be plainly visible during operation.

  3. Recreation vehicles (e.g. ATV’s, trail bikes, etc.) creating a noise problem are not to be used on roadway or designated trails before 10:30 A.M. or after sundown.


E. Boating Regulations

  1. Jet skis, hovercraft, skidoos, or wave runners are not allowed and cannot be operated at any time on Summer Haven Lake.

  2. Boaters must obey Coast Guard and Nebraska rules and regulations, including the requirement that approved life vests be worn.

  3. Only one powerboat (20 hp or more) shall be allowed each cabin. All craft, (motor, sail, and person powered) must be registered with SHLA and have a Summer Haven sticker in place on the right front (starboard) side of each craft and have the cabin number in place on the right rear (starboard) side of each craft, so as to be plainly visible during operation. A sticker is also required to be in place on the rear of any trailer used to transport the craft.(7-11-2011 Definition of a mini pontoon/paddle boat, is a boat that is 14 ft or under in length, 7 ft or less wide deck, powered by no more than a 10 hp engine gas, electric or a person and uses one or more pontoons for floatation.These boats can be operated any time on Summer Haven Lake.)

  4. Guests are not permitted to use their own boat on Summer Haven Lake.

  5. All power boating shall follow the accepted counterclockwise boating traffic pattern.

  6. After sundown and before 10:00 A.M., powerboats shall not be run fast enough to create a wake.Running lights must be Coast Guard approved front and rear, and must be turned on at all times after sunset until ½ hour before sunrise.Boats sitting dead in the water must have stern lights on at all times.

  7. Boats operating in the traffic pattern have the right-of-way over entering boats.

  8. Maximum boat sizes and operating conditions are as follows:

  • Outboard Boats – Maximum length is 19 feet 6 inch with a maximum 150 hp.

  • Inboard/Outboard Boats – Maximum length is 19 feet, 6 inches with no more than 6 cylinder engines.

  • Inboard Ski Boats – Maximum length is 21 feet with no rear engine v-drive and no more than 8 cylinder engine.Those Shareholders who currently have boats on the lake which exceed the size restrictions are allowed to continue to operate such boats on the lake but no new boats shall be allowed to be operated on the lake which exceed the maximum boat size as set forth in the rule, nor shall future shareholders be allowed to operate a boat which exceeds such maximum boat size.

  • Pontoon Boats – Maximum length is 20 feet, maximum width is 8 feet, with no more than a 25 hp engine.To be operated on the lake between the hours of 8:00 P.M. and 10:00 A.M. on weekends and Holidays for the period beginning Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend.A weekend shall be defined as the period beginning at 10:00 A.M. on Friday and ending at 8:00 P.M. on Sunday; a holiday which falls on any day of the week other than a weekend shall be subject to these operating hours.Pontoon boats shall be allowed to operate on the lake at all times on weekdays, which shall be defined as the period beginning on Sunday at 8:00 P.M. and ending at 10:00 A.M. on Friday; and at any time for the period beginning at 8:00 P.M. on Labor Day through 10:00 A.M. on the Friday of Memorial Weekend.Each cabin shall be allowed a power boat or a pontoon boat, but not both. (7-18-2011 Definition of a Pontoon Boat is a boat that is more than 14 ft in length, more than 7 ft wide deck, powered by more than a 10 horsepower engine gas or electric motor and uses one or more pontoons for floatation.)

  1. Sail boats, fishing boats, canoes and other lower power or unpowered craft can be operated at all times.Operators of these craft must at all times have regard for larger power boats and keep to the side of narrow channels and be aware of the unsafe conditions at all times.Because of the slow speed and reaction time of these crafts, they do have the right-of-way over powerboats.Operating in narrow channels and ski lanes is dangerous.Use caution and courtesy at all times.

  2. Jet skis, hovercraft, skidoos, wave runners or Boats above the maximum length and width as stated in previous rules are prohibited from being brought onto Summer Haven Lake Association owned real estate.


F. Swimming and Water Skiing

  1. Children should be carefully supervised against accidents and be made aware of regulations.Children under the age of 13 are encouraged to wear life preservers while in the water.

  2. Swimming more than 25 feet from shore is not recommended and you should never swim alone.

  3. Swimming across channels or to the islands is strictly prohibited.

  4. No occupant of a boat shall jump into the water when the boat is being operated at any speed.

  5. Water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding and tubing will not be permitted after sundown or before 10:00 A.M.

  6. There must be no water skiing in Sunset Cove except that skiing can be started or finished by residents in the cove area.

  7. Boats picking up a water skier, either fallen or starting must do so parallel to the shoreline or in proper direction of traffic pattern.Boats pulling a skier or a tuber shall have a rearview mirror or a spotter in the boat, in addition to the operator of the boat, and shall have an orange flag which shall be raised when a skier or tuber has fallen in the water.


These rules and regulations shall be binding on all residents, and shall be changed or amended only by a majority vote of the voting membership of SHLA. 


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